My combined experience and the synergies I am able to reap from both my professional career and my passion makes working with me very effective and rewarding. I am proficient in German, English and French and I am looking forward to working with you.

Films and Commercials

Over the years I have worked with numerous film crews for prestigious cinema productions and commercials.

I know a lot of beautiful and exclusive locations throughout Europe and have a large network of wingsuit camera flyers, camera men, mountain guides, and good contacts to locals and helicopter companies. I know how to film wingsuit flying for the maximum effect both from the air and from the ground

A highly professional work attitude, experience in front of the camera and with interviews, extensive language skills as well as proficiency in the mountains and with weather complete my profile.

Thanks to my vast experience and my project management skills I will make sure we achieve your production goals in terms of quality, deadline and costs - and with acceptable and well managed risks.


Keynotes and Talks

Many people from extreme sports genres offer good talks and keynote speeches about risk management. I go much further: I do not only know the extreme sports dimension but I am actually fully proficient on the business side of risk management as well.

The combination of applied and gut-feeling oriented risk management in wingsuit flying with the more rational and formal approach to risk management in business and IT has helped me to get further in both domains. And I love to share my experiences and insights with your audience.

My (IT) risk management talks are being delivered with the credibility of an expert from multiple domains and will have your audience glued to their seats thanks to the fascinating topic of wingsuit flying and the parallels I am drawing - an unforgettable experience and way better than dry and overly formal lessons in risk management.


Demos and Events

You are planning an event and need to spice it up? A live wingsuit demo will provide exactly the kind of action you need.

With many years of experience in demos I will work closely with you in order to create the maximum show effect. With very reasonable resources you can realize an unforgettable venue with an overhead display of wingsuit performance, including optional live streaming from amidst the action, and with a precision parachute landing in front of your crowd.

For your carefully thought-out event you do not want to book somebody inexperienced and in need of self-display, that might risk too much and give off a bad impression in the end. By working with me - and my trusted fellow wingsuit pilots if desired - you will get a professional, safe, impressive and cost-effective show.


Man-on-the-Moon Type Projects

You have a daring, novel type or high-risk project up ahead and you cannot find a project manager with prior suitable experience? You have a special idea that requires venturing into uncharted territory and you need a partner?

Since it is obviously impossible to find somebody that has done it before, you might want to consider working with me. I believe that attitude and type of personality are the most important aspects of successful man-on-the-moon type project management, for which I come fully equipped: analytical thinking, determination and dedication to the business goal, natural risk management, strong focus while always keeping a bird's eye view, and I dare to take the steps that others shy away from.

For the more formal aspects I am also a PRINCE2 certified project manager. I love being thrown into cold water - try me.