My combined experience and the synergies I am able to reap from both my professional career and my passion for human flight makes working with me very effective and rewarding. I am proficient in German, English and French and I am looking forward to working with you.


Public Speaking

On the search for a fresh, entertaining and inspiring keynote for your event? I will be happy to share my passion for human flight and my experience in risk management in an audio-visually stunning presentation, rich with captivating stories and insight into a different world where the dream of human flight is real.

Selected references:

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure & Security Congress, 2016: Wingsuit Basejumping as an Inspiration for IT Risk Management
  • Amanox Solutions customer event, 2019: Wingsuit Basejumping and IT Risk Management
  • Google, 2019: Risk Management in Extreme Sports, Lessons for Project Managers
  • PXL Vision company event, 2021: Wingsuit Basejumping, an Extreme Sport
  • Google, 2022: Overcoming Fear
  • Rotary Club, 2022: Risk Management in Wingsuit Basejumping
  • Google, 2023: Taking Risks

Films & Commercials

Over the years I have worked with numerous film crews for prestigious cinema productions and commercials.

I know a lot of beautiful and exclusive locations throughout Europe and have a large network of wingsuit camera flyers, camera men, mountain guides, and good contacts to locals and helicopter companies. I know how to film wingsuit flying for the maximum effect both from the air and from the ground

A highly professional work attitude, experience in front of the camera and with interviews, extensive language skills as well as proficiency in the mountains and with weather complete my profile.

Thanks to my vast experience and my project management skills I will make sure we achieve your production goals in terms of quality, deadline and costs - and with acceptable and well managed risks.

Selected references: See Videos


Demos & Events

You are planning an event and need to spice it up? A live wingsuit demo will provide exactly the kind of action you need.

With many years of experience in wingsuit flying and demos I will work closely with you in order to realize the maximum show effect. With very reasonable resources you can create an unforgettable venue with an overhead display of wingsuit performance, including optional live streaming from amidst the action, and with a precision parachute landing in front of your audience.

By working with me - and my trusted network of additional wingsuit pilots if desired - you will get a professional, safe, impressive and cost-effective show.

Selected references:

  • Eidgen√∂ssisches Jodlerfest Brig-Glis, 2017