About me

I am a passionate wingsuit pilot and cyber security professional. I am Swiss, was born in 1983 and live in Switzerland.

Wingsuit Pilot

In wingsuit flying I have found the purest and most rewarding human flight experience I can imagine - and I have seen many forms: airplane piloting, paragliding, skydiving and BASE jumping.

I started skydiving in 2005 and served in the Parachute Reconnaissance Company 17 thereafter. Totally hooked on the freedom and the aerodynamic intimacy of free fall I soon got into wingsuit flying and BASE jumping. Ten years later I have accumulated close to 2000 jumps and over 800 wingsuit flights.

I tested the limits during the booming years of wingsuit proximity flying and I landed on the podium of wingsuit races a few times. Nowadays I mostly enjoy looking for new mountains to fly off, combining flying with alpinism and working with film crews to bring my passion to the big screen.

Wingsuit flying has taught me a great deal about determination, risk management, myself and individual responsibility - while I also made good use of my scientific background, analytical skills and work experience. Check out ways of working with me.


Cyber Security and IT Risk Expert

I graduated from ETH Zurich with a master's degree in Management, Technology and Economics, with specialization in innovation management, IT security and IT risk management.

I have ten years of experience in cyber security and risk management from different perspectives and both technical and managerial roles. I am working as a Technical Program Manager for Google's Threat Analysis Group.

My experience in wingsuit flying has given me a competitive advantage in my professional career: treating risk management as an integral part of any new venture, keeping a cool head, maintaining a bird's eye view and accepting and managing residual risk.

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I work with a handful of carefully selected partners. I am open to new opportunities and partnerships that serve mutually beneficial and sustainable goals. For inquiries please get in touch with me.